Why Naturopathy

Modern hectic world has given us many Life style diseases like Obesity, Diabetics, Hypertension, Depression, Asthma and many more. Modern science can give relief to these diseases with drugs and other interventions but it may have side effects and you need to take drugs continuously. A good percentage of population is now turning to nature cure which is drug less and can give permanent cure to most of these diseases.

Health is not merely absence of disease but the well-being in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The concept of treating body as an assembly of independent parts, hitherto adopted by the medical world has been proved ineffective and the new concept of treating the body as an indivisible unit is gaining momentum all over the world.

Drugs can relieve pain or give the sense of comfort till the inner intelligence balances the system and completely alleviates the disease. Relief of symptom is not cure. Naturopathy is an outstanding and unique system of medicine which offers you a holistic health through the combination of all drugless therapies like Natural therapies, Yogic therapy, Acupuncture and reflexology, Diet therapy, Electrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Naturopathy is a natural healing technique using the healing powers of nature. The principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of all diseases. Prevention and elimination of toxins is the route to health. Treatments are based on the five great elements of nature that have immense healing properties. There is no role of internal medications in the nature cure system. Nature Cure treatments are based on:

Earth - Mud baths, Mud packs;

Water - Hydrotherapeutic methods in the form of Baths, Jets, Douches, Packs, Compresses, Immersions;

Air - Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking, Open air baths;

Fire - Sun baths; Ether - Fasting therapy.

Other Naturopathic Therapies includes Yoga Therapies, Raga Therapies, Oriental healing techniques like Reflexology and Acupuncture, Diet Therapies and Physiotherapy. Contact De-stressing centre near Mumbai for mud therapy in naturopathy, naturopathy therapy centre. Vatrika-Lotuspond provides treatments like Weight loss, De-stressing, Detoxification, Diabetic, Joint pain relief, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Bipasana


Diabetes Mellitus Obesity
High Blood Pressure High Blood Cholesterol
Stable Heart Diseases Stress & Anxiety
Depression Insomnia
Sleep Apnoea Migraine
Gastritis/ Hyperacidity Chronic Constipation
Dysentery Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Amoebiasis Hepatitis
Alcoholic Liver Disease Jaundice
Osteoarthritis Rheumatic Arthritis
Cervical & Lumber Spondylitis Gout
Sciatica Allergic Rhinitis
Bronchial Asthma Sexual Disorders

General Rules:

⇒ Use of stimulants like tea, coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, pan and food items brought from outside are strictly prohibited.

⇒ Patients are required to involve him / her in all routine activities of the hospital.

⇒ During the course of the stay, patients are not allowed to go out of the campus.

⇒ Patients should bring their own Yoga dress and other personal requirements.

⇒ Strict discipline and cleanliness are to be maintained by the Inmates of the Hospital.

⇒ Patients are strictly advised not to carry mobile phone, Jewellery and other valuables while visiting the Treatment areas, Laboratory, Yoga, Diet Centre, Physiotherapy, Gym and

⇒ Mobiles & Laptop use is restricted in the treatment area.

⇒ All the dues and bills are to be settle a day before discharge

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